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At BeaconCrest Homes, we strive to positively impact the neighborhoods in which we build. One of the ways BeaconCrest Homes gives back to the community is through the BeaconCrest CAREs Foundation. BeaconCrest CAREs reaches home owners who could use a helping hand with the care and upkeep of their homes. Through our experience purchasing many older homes, we came to understand the challenges that these neighbors face. Their homes had fallen in disrepair and due to financial or physical constraints, the owners were not able perform the necessary maintenance or updates. Often, these homeowners have been in their property for many years and have witnessed a great deal of change in the neighborhood around them.

The BeaconCrest CAREs Foundation meets with these homeowners at their property and tours their home to determine a scope of work which will positively impact their living conditions and daily lives. Our goal is to identify significant changes which will improve the health, safety, and habitability of their home. BeaconCrest utilizes its relationships and network of professional contractors to complete the agreed upon scope at absolutely no cost to the homeowners. These projects are funded by donating a share of our homebuilding profits each year to the BeaconCrest CARES Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.

If you know of a home that may be a good candidate for the BeaconCrest CAREs program, please contact us today and provide a brief description of the homeowners and the property.


A Letter from a CAREs Homeowner

Dear Derek, Robby & Dylan,

How can Steve and I ever thank you and the BeaconCrest Foundation, enough for all you have done? As I explained when we first met, this is the home we were raised in and hope to stay in. The age of our home along with the ever-increasing property value has put a definite strain on our finances. The assistance you offered and the respect and accommodating attitude shown by each of you and your staff from start to finish will not be forgotten.

Using space heaters after the boiler failed has been a fire safety concern for several years. Not only did you replace the boiler but found and repaired additional safety issues with existing lighting and wiring both in the basement and in the attic where years of accumulated “treasures” were stored. Helping me dispose of much of it, replacing the pull-down stairs and attic floor was truly beyond my wildest dreams.

The handrails and new lighting placed along the upper and lower staircase has made an incredible improvement in both mobility and safety.

The repair work you have done is invaluable to me and Steve. Thank you so much for your help and support. We sincerely appreciate your generosity.

God Bless you, BeaconCrest really does CARE!
Julie & Steve

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